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Benge Texas

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First, let me say that had I met Jim Benge at the beginning, the middle or even sooner in the latter stages of my 43 years in the restaurant industry, I would be better off. With more than 250 restaurants in 20 states and two foreign countries, having dealt with many contractors, some great and some not so great, Jim Benge is the best I have ever known and worked with. He just gets it.

Gene Street

Restauranteur since 1971

Everyone at Benge was delightful to work with and we very much appreciated all of the extra efforts that were put into play with our project. Jim’s ‘can do’ attitude and big smile have won us over. We plan to use Jim on all of our future endeavors. And, we also plan to keep Jim close by as a friend. He is a one in a million kind of guy.

Marsha Coleman

Owner, La Bichette

Jim’s services as a general contractor were invaluable, and I am extremely pleased with the final result. Jim’s familiarity with building codes and dealing with city hall also facilitated a smooth and hassle-free process when it came to building permits and inspection. Not only was Jim pleasant to work with all of his actions clearly come from the heart. I will not hesitate to use Jim for our next project.

Jeffrey Frankel

President and Founder, Mattito's

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